Charity raffle for CARE: ‘One Picasso for 100 Euros’

One incredibly lucky art lover will soon be the proud owner of an original Picasso, for just €100 (£85).

Thanks to a worldwide raffle organised in support of global humanitarian charity CARE International, participants can win an original piece of art by Pablo Picasso worth one million euros. Until 6 January 2020, anyone can buy a €100 raffle ticket via the website The funds raised will enable 200,000 people to have access to clean water and education through CARE International’s projects in Cameroon, Madagascar and Morocco.

With 200,000 tickets for sale, the odds of winning are around 700 times higher per ticket than winning the Euromillions jackpot, for example.

The painting, Nature Morte, oil on canvas, dated 1921, is currently being exhibited in the Picasso Museum in Paris until January 2020.


This remarkable raffle is organised by the association ‘Aider les autres’ and based on an original idea by Péri Cochin, French TV show host and producer. Cochin explains:


There are so many people who need help around the world. We wanted to make something different to enable lots of people to take part in charity actions.


Philippe Lévêque, CARE France CEO, says:


Two hundred million hours a day: that is how much time women and girls spend collecting water in the world. Think about what they could do instead with that time: get an education, start their own businesses… This raffle will help us change the lives of 200,000 people in the world. Access to water is a key factor of development.


There was a similar charity raffle in 2013. A 24-year-old American won the prize, a 1914 Cubist drawing. The raffle is set to become an annual event. Each year, a new cause will be supported and a new Picasso will be won.

You can follow the raffle on Instagram – 1Picasso100euros.

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