CLAIROL Launches Mission to Unlock Confidence in Women

Women of all ages want to feel fearless and confident in all aspects of their lives – from their appearance to their career — and one might assume that life experience builds this confidence, but studies show that confidence actually becomes more difficult with age. A 2017 study found 48% of women over 35 feel less confident about their appearance than they did a decade ago, and 83% felt this affected their self-image. Since CLAIROL brought hair color to the masses in the 1950s, we have had a long history of supporting women’s confidence and have been on a mission to help women feel liberated and free to live their truth — from our “Does She or Doesn’t She?” campaign to our most recent campaign with Tracy Norman.  Today, CLAIROL is proud to share our mission to unlock confidence and fearlessness by showing women the smallest change can be a confidence boost. The world and the women in it have changed dramatically since Clairol first landed on shelves. And just as women are changing, Clairol is changing, too. With the re-launch of the iconic Nice’n Easy line, CLAIROL addresses the fears around coloring at home and wanted to empower women to take control and make a positive change for themselves. We worked with 100 women to invite them to try out new Nice’n Easy Color Care and see how coloring affected their confidence. The results were astounding, with 85% of women claiming they felt more confident after coloring. Check out to see firsthand the immediate impact of coloring fearlessly.  

“Taking the fear out of coloring liberates women to express themselves in new ways. We heard from women who colored they’re now more comfortable speaking out, going after their dreams and overwhelmingly feel more positive about their appearance,”  says Rosi Ajjam, SVP Retail Hair at Coty, and the architect of CLAIROL’s recent redesign. “Beauty today is all about celebrating what you love about your look, but women are still hesitant to try at-home color because of real concerns about damage, allergies and unnatural results. By allowing women to color fearlessly we’re taking away barriers and opening up a new world of transformation and self-expression.”

It’s no surprise that beautiful hair is top of the list to help boost a woman’s confidence-the breakthrough is that women can now color fearlessly at home, taking control of their color. The biggest innovation in hair color in 60 years, new Nice’n Easy features damage-blocking technology±, conditioners in every step and an allergy-gentle formula** while ensuring an unsurpassed color result.

CLAIROL color experts spoke 1:1 with each woman about her history with hair color, her lifestyle and her personal style to offer a personalized color recommendation. After coloring with Nice’n Easy, each woman shared her reaction to her new color and how the immediate confidence boost changed her mindset.

A survey of 100 women uncovered…

  • 85% said they felt more confident after coloring. 97% said they’d do it again.
  • After coloring their hair with Nice ‘N Easy: 70% said they felt “ready for anything”
  • After coloring their hair, women surveyed were very likely to:
    • Be more confident at work (77%)
    • Speak up confidently in a meeting (65%)
    • Be themselves (89%)
    • Take on any challenge (70%)

Clairol’s first-ever campaign featuring women from a variety of backgrounds, professions and lifestyles, the #ColorFearlessly movement kicks off the launch of CLAIROL Fearless Femmes, a diverse group of influencers each bringing her followers along on her personal hair color journey. Sarah Tripp (@sassyredlipstick), Bethany Ciotola (@bethanyciotola) and Miki Ash (@mikiash) each has a story about the role hair color has played in shaping her identity and building her confidence. The Fearless Femmes will expand in spring 2018 to feature more women with different hair types, lifestyles and passions telling their Fearless Color stories.

Visit to see more powerful reactions to coloring fearlessly and to learn from our experts how you can find the color that boosts your confidence. The film and survey represent a first step in understanding the role that hair color can play in boosting confidence and the impact it has on living more fearlessly every day.


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