Clearblue® Partners with Be My Eyes to Provide Accessible Service Vision-Impaired Women Across the Globe Deserve

For women with low to no vision, vision impairment can hinder their ability to read the results of a pregnancy test on their own, which is an intimate and private moment. Did you know nearly four million American women have a vision impairment?

On #WorldSightDay2019, Clearblue ® was pleased to announce the launch of a new accessible service, in partnership with Be My Eyes, which helps vision-impaired women be the first to learn their pregnancy test results in a more private setting. Be My Eyes is a free app that connects blind and low-vision people with sighted volunteers or company representatives for vision assistance through a live phone connection. Women who take a Clearblue ® pregnancy test can make a video call to a Clearblue ® expert advisor through the Specialized Help function in the app. From there, the Clearblue ® advisor will read the pregnancy test result to them or answer their questions about taking the test, alleviating the stress of having to rely on friends and family for help.

One of the champions of this partnership is Sumaira Latif, P&G’s Accessibility Leader. As a vision-impaired woman herself, Latif personally experienced the difficult task of taking a pregnancy test without family in town to help her. After arriving at a local pharmacy for her test results, the pharmacist declined to help her.

“No matter the outcome, taking a pregnancy test is an emotional and a deeply personal experience, and the result should be something you share on your own terms,” Latif said. “We want Clearblue® pregnancy tests to become accessible to everyone, including the four million American women that live with a visual disability,1 and we want to serve them.”

Clearblue ® Careline Manager, Sally Haworth, noted that members of the blind community also brought this issue to the brand’s attention. This further inspired them to find a solution for those blind and low-vision people who need an accessible service for pregnancy results.

“We heard from the Clearblue ® social community that they wanted to be in control of their reproductive health information and really wanted to be able to access their results in private,” Haworth said. “We knew we needed a fast solution, so we’ve partnered with Be My Eyes for a quick accessibility link to our service, giving women the clear answers they want and deserve.”

The Clearblue ® partnership with Be My Eyes is not only revolutionary for the brand, but for vision impaired women in English-speaking countries across the globe. Blind and low-vision women now have an option to receive their test results in a safe, private space with no judgment and full support from Clearblue ® Customer Careline Advisors.

To learn more about the initiative, please watch our video and visit To download the Be My Eyes app, visit the App Store on iOS or Android, and join the conversation by using the hashtags #ClearblueConfirmed, #BeMyEyes and #WorldSightDay2019.

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