Climate Neutral certified 145 brands in its first 12 months

Climate Neutral has made impressive strides this year combating carbon emissions, even amidst a global pandemic and turbulent economy. In the past 12-months, Climate Neutral certified 145 brands, offsetting more than 200,000 tonnes of CO2.

Climate Neutral is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit focused on generating positive change in corporate carbon responsibility, helping businesses measure and offset their carbon footprints to net-zero. The  Climate Neutral Certified consumer-facing label indicates that a brand has taken action to curb its greenhouse gas emissions, effectively creating a much-needed universal standard for corporate carbon responsibility and a call-to-action labeling carbon at point-of-purchase.

The feasible certification process allows companies to scale their sustainability efforts through reduction strategies and verifiable offsets. This framework inevitably democratizes a system for every size business to achieve carbon-neutrality– a large stepping stone in our progression towards decarbonization. 

They also launched the  BEE calculator, the first carbon calculation tool for Scope 1-3 carbon emissions, making corporate carbon measurement easier for companies. 

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