Clue & IWHC launch new #justsayperiod Campaign in Berlin

Last year, Clue collaborated with the NY-based advocacy group, the IWHC, to release a data report showing where women around the world felt comfortable (and uncomfortable) discussing their periods. The report, based on responses from 90k women in over 100 countries, can be read about here and in another 100 publications globally:    

The report also asked women to cite any euphemisms for menstruation they had encountered from family members, colleagues etc. These euphemisms have now been used as the basis for a billboard advertising campaign in Berlin, where enormous, red posters containing these euphemisms (and the hashtag #justsayperiod) have been displayed in metro stations around the city.

About Clue

Clue is a digital health startup based in Berlin, Germany. Launched in 2013, Clue is the world’s fastest growing period, PMS, fertility & ovulation tracking app. Clue’s mission is to help people all around the world benefit from insights into female health.




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