Comic Relief Release Statement on Spice Girls T-Shirts

Comic Relief have released a statement on the news that Spice Girls T-shirts on sale to raise money for Comic Relief’s “equality for women” campaign have been made at a factory in Bangladesh by women earning just 35p an hour.

Comic Relief is shocked and concerned by the allegations in The Guardian. No one should have to work under the conditions described in the piece.

To be very clear, both Comic Relief and the Spice Girls carried out ethical sourcing checks on the supplier Represent told us they would be using for production of the T-shirts. Represent then switched the supplier to Stanley/ Stella, who used the factory where this alleged mistreatment occurred, without telling either the Spice Girls or Comic Relief.  

Represent have acknowledged this in their statement and have taken full responsibility for the selection of Stanley/Stella. We have requested an independent investigation of the factory.

Represent have confirmed they will be providing refunds  – please email

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