Coop launches new Community Focused Ads

The Co-op has unveiled a new campaign focusing on the difference its members make to their local communities. The idea of the campaign is to show the difference the 1% that is donated from each Co-op purchase can help transform the surrounding area. The Campaign was initially launched over Easter Weekend.

The campaign’s primary ad, created by Leo Burnett, has a script performed by George the Poet.  The aim of the ads is to showcase how the Co-op helps the communities around it, and features 13 short films all directed by This Is England director Shane Meadows. Each of the short fims are tailored for a cinema release and will be shown in the area which they target, so there will be specific ads for specific areas.

“This campaign marks the start of a new approach for us that doesn’t feel like advertising at all. It shows the power of community in a visual language that doesn’t hide anything.  The adverts strip back the gloss of advertising, making it unembellished and emotional, and find the beauty and truth in real people being honest to camera,” explained Helen Carroll, director of Co-op Brand.

“Our Co-op heroes are the people across communities that keep these local causes going, day in and day out, and they needed to be the stars of the show.”

The campaign, developed by Leo Burnett and with media planning and buying by Rocket, launches with a 60-second spot that compiles clips from the 13 films and features a voiceover by London spoken-word artist George the Poet.

The campaign was created for Leo Burnett by copywriter Rob Tenconi and art director Mark Franklin, while Meadows directed for production company Tomboy.

The TV component of the campaign is supported by print, cinema and out-of-home. On ITV regionally relevant films will be aired in each area, this will be supported by locally targeted cinema and out of home activity.

Good Causes

As a result of the Co-op’s membership scheme £9m will be shared by some 4,000 good causes. Every time a Co-op member purchases an own brand product and service they receive a five per cent reward for themselves with a further one per cent going to local charities.

All those one per cent rewards, plus the proceeds from the carrier bag charge in England, means the share out totals £9,196,992.62 with the average amount being £2,284.

The Co-op has 4.3 million active members including 750,000 recruited since the new scheme began on 21 September 2016.

While the total has been generated by sales of all Co-op own brand goods, an in-depth analyse of what members have purchased shows that a basket of everyday products alone has helped raise more than £1m.




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