‘Creative Resilience’ to feature artworks by female Scientists reflecting on their pandemic experiences

Creative Resilience seeks to give a voice to women scientists by exploring their private world of artistic expression. The exhibition will showcase the artwork of 54 women sciehttps://en.unesco.org/creativeresiliencentists from around the world. The art creators responded to a brief to submit art they had created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Creative Resilience shines a light on the artistic lives of women neuroscientists, microbiologists, doctors, nurses, medical students, researchers, science communicators, engineers, and mathematicians of all ages. These women are using their artistic talents, combined with their expertise in the fields of science, health, science communication and technology to provide a testimony of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Through painting, photography, digital drawing, block print, sculpture, crocheting or film, these “sci-artists” provide a testimony of how the global health pandemic has transformed the way we interact and how we are slowly emerging from it into new, transformed societies.

While both women and men face difficulties in the current global health crisis, women have had to struggle additionally with systemic gender-based inequalities. Women of science remain largely invisible, even though they have been at the frontlines combating the COVID-19 pandemic. This exhibition is the opportunity to show their unique experiences of how their lives and perspectives have been transformed by the pandemic. By making visible their visions, struggles and ambitions, these women scientists inspire us to make our societies more creative and gender-equal in the post Covid world.
Audrey Azoulay, UNESCO Director-General

We, women of science, have been fighting the pandemic, in healthcare, vaccine development, in science communication, at our homes and communities, throughout the COVID-era. This exhibit is important because it sheds light on our various roles and creative expressions, on our unique scientific perspectives, personal journey, and reflections throughout the pandemic. I am pleased to share with the world our visual stories which capture the many facets of hidden, professional, and personal experiences that dominated our lives and shared worlds during the pandemic.
Dr. Radhika Patnala, a neuroscientist and a sci-artist from Indian

Key Dates 

  • 26 October – Opening of the exhibition of accredited Journalists and the media, 6PM, UNESCO Headquarters
  • 27 October – Exhibition premiere and inauguration by Audrey Azoulay, Director-General of UNESCO.
  • 28 October – within the limit of authorized number of persons, due to Covid-19 restrictions, a screening of all artworks will be available for the general public at UNESCO HQ, and for the press and accredited personnel.

Creative Resilience can be visited online at this address (https://en.unesco.org/creativeresilience) as from 25 October 2021. 

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