Current climate adaptation funding falls light-years short, says WaterAid as UN publishes its Adaptation Gap Report

UNEP’s Adaptation Gap Report 2023, published recently, says that underfinanced, underprepared and inadequate investment and planning on climate adaptation leaves world exposed, with progress on climate adaptation slowing when it should be accelerating to catch up with these rising climate change impacts. 

In response, Claire Seaward, Global Campaigns Director at WaterAid, said:

“Current global funding for climate adaptation measures falls light-years short of where it needs to be. The most vulnerable countries are being forced to pay the bill for a crisis they have done the least to cause.

“Adapting to climate change will only become increasingly costly if it is delayed further as more severe floods, storms, and other climate hazards continue to cost lives and batter infrastructure.

“At home in the UK, we’ve witnessed first-hand the Government rowing back on a series of vital climate commitments. Now, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak must show leadership at COP28 and step up to support those worst impacted by the crisis.

“With COP28 less than a month away, WaterAid is urging governments to provide global leadership in ramping up investment in climate adaptation projects. We simply cannot let climate change wash away people’s futures.

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