Data & Marketing Association creates a new Awards category: Thoughtful Marketing

To shine a light on work that’s helped customers through the coronavirus crisis in an authentic way, the Data & Marketing Association (DMA) has created a new Awards category: Thoughtful Marketing.

The new Thoughtful Marketing category at the DMA Awards will help highlight the important campaigns making a difference across the data and marketing industry, also providing inspiration to other organisations looking to implement a more customer-centric approach.

From its inception, the DMA has encouraged brands and businesses to put their customers first and, in this new world of work, this is more important than ever before.

“Our new Thoughtful Marketing category rewards initiatives that have prioritised a customer-first approach above considerations of pure sales and profits. In order to build sustainable relationships with customers, organisations must be understanding and be driven to play a meaningful role in people’s lives. Not only does being more thoughtful build better outcomes for your business, but most importantly, your customers feel understood, listened to and valued,” said Rachel Aldighieri, MD of the DMA.

Bloom & Wild started the Thoughtful Marketing Movement in March 2020, which now consists of a community of over 130 businesses. The movement brings together businesses with a truly customer-first approach.

Bloom & Wild realised that marketing around certain dates could be upsetting for some customers. In the context of the pandemic and the economic pressures it has brought, the calendar dates customers might find sensitive aren’t just limited to Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. For example, Bloom & Wild have softened messaging in emails sent around payday, acknowledging that the situations of many customers may have recently changed.

“Customer-centric marketing is always doing our best to understand our customers on a human level. It can be too easy as a marketer to forget that every customer is an individual with their own story and sensitivities. Thoughtful Marketing recognises this and, with deep insight at its heart, builds communications that connect with customers, making them feel seen and heard as individuals,” said Charlotte Langley, Thoughtful Marketing Category Chair and Brand & Communications Director, Bloom & Wild.

To read more about this new category and how to submit your campaign, visit the DMA Awards website:

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