Dignity Health and Eleven Thank Hard Working Nurses

As a thank you to all hardworking nurses, Dignity Health and San Francisco-based agency Eleven enlisted a Nashville-based musical influencer to serenade their nurses with a song composed of heartfelt thank-you messages from patients and employees during Nurses Week. The chorus was directed to all 28,000 nurses in the network, and in turn to all the amazing nurses in the world.

In advance of Nurses Week, Dignity Health and Eleven used social channels and questionnaires aimed at doctors, nurses and other hospital employees to solicit submissions for anecdotes of standout nurses who went above and beyond for their patients and colleagues. Every day during Nurse Week, Nashville-based songwriter, Ernie Halter, wrote a different stanza based on the stories, performed it live on location, filmed it, and shared broadcast it on Facebook Live to collect more submissions. Each nurse was completely caught off guard and surprised in the moment through the lyrics. On the last day they stitched together the entire song, performed it on location and shared it live on social.

Mark Viden, SVP brand marketing and advertising at Dignity Health said:
“Our nurses are one part of what truly sets Dignity Health apart. They embody humankindness on a daily basis and we are excited to share their amazing stories in a fun way during National Nurses Week, but we value, admire and rely on their support every day of every week.”

While some nurses were applauded for making their colleagues celebrate the end of a shift with a 30 second dance known as ‘the 5 a.m. shuffle,’ or holding a child who was scared of getting x-rays, each nurse was thanked for all the incredible things they do.

Courtney Buechert, CEO of Eleven said:
“Our work with Dignity Health offers a humanizing approach to healthcare, one that is grounded in the fact that everyone has the power to heal – body, mind and spirit. This influencer campaign is unique to Dignity Health and showcases the healing power of humanity that their hospitals, nurses and overall caregivers have.” 

The serenades took place in several Dignity Health hospital cities, including Phoenix, AZ; Santa Maria, CA; Redwood City, CA; San Bernardino, CA; Sacramento, CA and more.




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