Distillery Launches New Typeface, Diversity

On Friday May 21st 2021, people across the globe celebrated World Diversity Day. Distillery were proud to mark the occasion by launching the Diversity Type for download.

Did you know that, according to UNESCO, three-quarters of the world’s major conflicts have a cultural dimension? Bridging the gap between cultures is urgent and necessary for peace, stability, and development. But how can each of us help?

It was with the aim to answer this question that the Diversity Type Project was initially created to engage the internal team at distillery in an open discussion about diversity. The project has since evolved into an outward expression of diversity and is engaging the wider industry in the D&I conversation. This project is a unique opportunity to build awareness, by unifying communities and cultures, and celebrating the differences in people’s lived experiences. With contributions having come from all corners of the world, we have brought together letters and numbers from the Latin alphabet inspired by hundreds of individual stories and experiences.

A total of 308 creatives from 54 countries have contributed to creating what is truly, the world’s most diverse typeface.

“Diversity is shown in this typeface through the variety of people who have contributed, inclusion is then how we weave the typeface into society and give those people a voice.” Steve Wheen, Founder, distillery.

How many people have been involved in the typeface design process?
Loads of people! The distillery team have all touched the project in some way (thats 20 of us) plus our brilliant friends and partners at People of Print, Femme Type, and The Diversity Standards Collective. Then there are all of those who have entered designs which are still counting, not to mention everyone who helps spread the word and raise awareness for the project!


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