DMA launches Student Membership to improve employment prospects of emerging talent

The Data & Marketing Association’s (DMA) talent function, DMA Talent, has launched a new Student Membership package to help improve the employment prospects of young talent.

The impact of Brexit and coronavirus on businesses will likely be felt for many years. This has and will continue to affect the employment prospects of the next generation of talent.

To help emerging talent transition to the workplace, DMA Student Membership will offer students and apprentices 24/7 access to online learning platforms, exclusive networking opportunities, and a head start for forging a successful career in the data and marketing industry.

“The bright young minds of tomorrow will play a vital role in helping businesses get back on track after such challenging times. Our Student Membership will help emerging talent to transition from education to employment by equipping them with the mind and skillsets to thrive in the creative industries,” said Kate Burnett, General Manager, DMA Talent. “Student Members will be offered limitless opportunities to network and build on knowledge gained during studies or workplace apprenticeships, improving their future employment prospects. It really demonstrates to employers a commitment to professional development.”

Through the online learning platform users can navigate through content to help sharpen skills; choose what to study and what to learn to boost know-how; and book onto events and digital experiences that will help them grow a professional network and build new relationships that could be crucial to landing their first job in the industry.

“A key reason for developing this offering is to ensure that the creative industries are accessible and inclusive for a diverse talent pool. In order for our industry to better serve the customer, it is vital that the workforce is truly representative of them – something that’s front and central to the DMA ethos,” added Rachel Aldighieri, Managing Director, DMA. “The DMA represents Europe’s largest community of data-driven marketers, with a classroom to boardroom perspective we want to build long-term relationships with data and marketing professionals for the duration of their careers.”

“It is well documented that the employment rates of young people have been one of the worst hit by the coronavirus. If we continue to see limited recruitment at junior level companies will likely find themselves with a skills gap within their teams, even when trade picks up. We desperately need to work with emerging talent to find the right opportunities for them, but this can only be achieved by proactively building their connections, skills and knowledge to make them ready for the workplace,” concluded Matthew Housden, Principal lecturer, University of Greenwich & Chair of the DM Trust.


To find out more about the DMA’s Student Membership visit the DMA Talent website:

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