Dole Packaged Foods, LLC Unveils New “Hold My Fruit Bowl” Campaign

Dole Packaged Foods, LLC has announced its latest campaign spotlighting its popular Fruit Bowls® snacks, titled “Hold My Fruit Bowl”. A kid-friendly riff on the viral “Hold My Beer” meme, the playful spots shine a light on kids doing spectacular things thanks to “superpowers” they’ve received from snacking on Dole’s nutritious Fruit Bowls®.

One spot features group of campers who are lost in the woods. A brave camper declares, “Hold My Fruit Bowl,” then calls for a hawk to give them directions back to safety, showing up an overly confident fellow camper and a befuddled troop leader. Another spot shows a daughter schooling her father in a contest of skipping rocks. After saying, “Hold My Fruit Bowl,” she hands her snack to her mom and effortlessly slings a stone all the way across the ocean.

A three-month integrated marketing campaign aimed at parents with school-aged children, “Hold My Fruit Bowl” strives to bring a sense of empowerment to youth when they fuel up with Dole Fruit Bowls®. The spots were built on the foundational insights that six in 10 parents say their kids request fruit cups, and consumers want snacks that are fun to eat and add excitement to their daily diet. The campaign also reinforces the functional benefits of Fruit Bowls® so parents can feel confident they’re feeding their kids healthy, nutritious snacks.

“We aim to live up to our brand Promise in all of our actions, whether that be taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint to create a better and more equitable world, innovating new and existing products to be more nutritious and accessible, or creating ads that empower the younger generation,” said JC Dalto, President & Managing Director, Americas, Dole Packaged Foods, LLC. “The pandemic has disrupted kids’ daily lives, pulling them out of school and away from their friends. Our goal of these ads is to inspire youth and show them anything is possible.”

This campaign is the third in a series of Fruit Bowls® ads released by Dole, which brought some much-needed sunshine to the darkest days of the pandemic, by first helping families relieve their “Quaran-Tension” moments and then adjusting to the new “Normal-ish” with a smile.

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