Donors maintain pandemic generosity with £1bn given to Charities Aid Foundation in support of charities

More than £1bn has once again been entrusted to Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) from donors, just above the record-setting amount in response to the pandemic the previous year.

CAF’s Trustees Report for 2021/22 shows that on behalf of donors, more than £876m was granted to charities in the last year.

CAF works with private philanthropists, businesses, individuals and government in the UK, US and Canada to send funds to charities working on hundreds of causes around the world.

Neil Heslop OBE, Chief Executive of the Charities Aid Foundation, said:

“It has been a remarkable year for all of us working on behalf of charities and donors, with critical humanitarian relief efforts in Ukraine making headlines that were dominated by the Covid-19 pandemic a year ago.

“The last two years have reasserted our organisation’s relevance to social progress, providing momentum for the Charities Aid Foundation to significantly grow the difference we make. Over the past year, funds that have come into our stewardship surpassed £1bn, above the record set in response to the pandemic. Through extraordinary times, we have witnessed immense acts of generosity, compassion, and determination to effect positive change on behalf of businesses and individuals who choose to work with us to deliver their giving ambitions.

“The charities we serve face many challenges after surviving the pandemic, with inflation challenging their organisation’s finances and the people they support. However, we know that during times of crisis, people respond with generosity, and CAF is determined to increase our support of donors and charities towards a fair and sustainable future for all.”

The Trustee’s Report 2021/22 highlights CAF’s role in:

Enabling philanthropy

Donations made to charities on behalf of private clients increased 26% year- on – year to £196.6m. Many donations are made immediately to the donors’ cause of choice while others use their CAF accounts to grow their philanthropic funds for future donation to their chosen charities.

Businesses and their employees turned to payroll giving for a straightforward way to make either single or ongoing tax-efficient donations to charities. More than £110m was paid to charitable causes from CAF Charity Accounts funded by employees using CAF Give as You Earn scheme, or individuals using the account to claim Gift Aid.

Encouraging cross-border giving

Donations were facilitated to 135 countries, providing a way for donors to give safely, with the peace of mind that their funding is reaching the intended causes.

After marking 30 years of supporting charitable giving in 2022, CAF America has seen donations increase by a 33% to £386.4m, with £325.2m granted to worldwide causes.

Building charity resilience

CAF continues to support charities in building their resilience, underpinning their survival during the pandemic. This year the second phase of the CAF Resilience Fund focused on vulnerable groups, providing grants and tailored support to 102 organisations to continue delivering vital local services whilst building their own organisational strength.

Providing banking with purpose

CAF Bank continues to provide stability for charities and social enterprises during uncertain times, committing £185m in loans and advances this financial year.

In May 2022, CAF introduced ESG focused funds to meet the needs of charities looking to invest for the future of their organisations and the planet, recognising their requirements for robust investment returns, cost efficiency and investing integrity.

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