Dove and Shonda Rhimes release first Real Beauty Productions film.

Dove’s Real Beauty Productions has released its first film which stars Cathleen Meredith, the woman behind the global Fat Girls Dance movement.

Dove launched Real Beauty Productions to put the power of storytelling into the hands of real women. Cathleen’s love of dance impacted how she viewed her own beauty. Her group “Fat Girls Dance” is helping other women do the same.

For Cathleen, dancing for the cameras is more than a high-energy creative outlet — it has sparked a new relationship with her body. Through that connection, she’s discovered a powerful truth — we need to start defining what beauty is for ourselves. Now Cathleen is sharing her body positive message with women everywhere and redefining #RealBeauty with every move.

Cathleen says:

“We need to start defining what beauty is for ourselves. And I think the definition of that beauty is you.”

On their website Fat Girls Dance describe themselves as:

“Fat Girls Dance (FGD) is a relentless fem-led online movement towards body positivity and self-love through the celebration of dance.

Fat Girls Dancing. Literally. Not just any dancing. Slaying some of the toughest choreography on the internet and in New York City. A new dance every week for 1 year.  (Yeah. That’s 52 dances. We’ve officially lost our shit.) We’ll film it, put it online, and document everything.

We are not professional dancers. We are everyday women who represent everyday America who aim to show the world that Fat Girls CAN. Fat Girls DO. Fat Girls DANCE.”

The film, which was directed by documentary filmmaker Liz Garbus, and produced by an all-female crew. United Entertainment Group and Edelman worked on creative and production.

This comes not long after Dove was criticized for its recent line of limited edition body wash bottles that are shaped like different women’s body types. 


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