Drink the Difference – Belu marks 10 years of doing good with WaterAid

Belu, the drinks business that  puts people and  the planet first, is celebrating 10 years impacting change together with WaterAid, a collaboration that  has seen them give £5 million – all their net profit – to bringing clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene to everyone, everywhere.

The 10 year anniversary coincides with a full Belu brand relaunch and repositioning that  brings a new brand platform with it – Drink The Difference – designed to highlight the positive impact brought about by the brand’s mission. Driven by a clear purpose to change the way the world sees water Belu’s  aim goes beyond the product; all profits go into saving carbon emissions from  entering the atmosphere and  implementing a circular economy alongside its joint mission with WaterAid to ensure all around world have clean water. To date, the business’ success has: transformed 333,779 lives through access to clean water, decent toilets and  good hygiene; they are certified pas2060 carbon neutral and  have made a 68% saving in carbon emissions since 2010; and turned 79,833,643 bottles into new Belu bottles.

Belu believes in the power of thinking outside the bottle, which is why it is on a mission to inspire over 100 million people to drink the difference by 2030. It is committed to delivering incredible drinks for those who want to buy from  a brand with purpose: to make the world a better place. So, do good with Belu – #DrinktheDifference and  change the way the world sees water.

Do good… By choosing the NEW Belu Tonics and Mixers to ‘Mix it Good’ and join the Belu Green Bottle Revolution.

Until now, mixers had  one job which was  to complement your spirit of choice. The new Belu tonics and  mixers make a world of difference. Belu gives its profits to WaterAid to bring clean water, decent toilets and  good hygiene to everyone, everywhere. Whatsmore, Belu’s new tonics and  mixers’ green bottles aren’t just green in colour, they’re made with the highest recycled content going.1

Every Belu tonic and  mixer flavour supports Belu’s purpose; to change the way the world sees water and to help you Drink The Difference. You can  buy the new Belu mixers and  tonics directly from  belu.org/shop or Amazon.co.uk and  get free carbon neutral delivery throughout the UK.

Do good… By choosing the best of British with award-winning Mineral Water in Lightweight, Britishmade, Ethical Glass

Belu natural mineral water is drawn directly from a dedicated source within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the hills of mid-Wales, infusing it with essential minerals by its passage through ancient volcanic rock formations and  providing its pure, crisp taste. Every drop is tested to ensure it meets high industry standards.

But it’s not just the water that’s pure. Belu source, bottle and  distribute their mineral water solely within the UK to minimise carbon footprints. Belu British mineral water is in bottles made in the UK, from  lightweight clear glass using a minimum of 40% recycled content. Belu bottles are 100% recyclable.

Belu Mineral Water is available as still and  sparkling natural mineral water in 330ml, 500ml, 750ml and  1 Litre UK-made lightweight glass.

Do good… By choosing Filter in Action to reduce your carbon footprint and remove single use bottles.

Belu launched its self-service still and  sparkling water taps in 2015 to do the right thing for the environment and  reduce the amount of packaging in the world. Belu filtration systems provide customers with ambient, chilled and hot, still or sparkling water with the lowest carbon footprint all whilst reducing their reliance on single-use products.

Belu’s filtered water not only tastes amazing but can  save thousands of single-use water bottles being purchased each year and  transform lives around the world with clean water, decent toilets and  good hygiene.

There are three ways to get involved with the Belu Filter Initiative:

  1. Customer Contributions – A free of charge machine and a £1 contribution from guests. Belu install and  service your filtration system, free of charge. You simply add a voluntary £1 contribution to the bill (for each table served) in return for unlimited still and  sparkling filtered water. To qualify you need to raise a minimum equivalent of £15 in contributions per day.
  2. Positive Profits – A revenue share with 50% of your  sales supporting Belu’s purpose. Belu leases you a filtration system at a reduced weekly fee. As you charge your customers for filtered water, 50% from  each sale is given to Belu.
  3. Fixed Filtration – Make a positive difference with our fixed lease agreement. The Belu lease agreement allows you to utilise your filtration system in any way you wish.

Whatever your taste, join Belu in fulfilling its promise to create a better world,  one Belu Green bottle at a time. There’s so many reasons to join Belu – so why not Drink the Difference with us!

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