Drum Awards – CRMSotY Nominees – Profile – Macmillan Cancer Support and npower – Keep warm without the worry campaign

The Drum Marketing Awards are one of the industry’s most sought after accolades. Although there are many great agencies with great campaigns out there vying for a gong., I thought it might be nice to concentrate on the Cause Related Marketing Strategy of the Year. I will try to put together some info about the campaign and where possible some information from those behind it.

Macmillan Cancer Support and npower – Keep warm without the worry campaign

Drum says of this campaign:

“Over 1 in 3 people diagnosed with cancer in the last two years say they feel the cold more.

Macmillan Cancer Support has been working in partnership with npower for over 12 years. Through npower’s Macmillan Fund and Macmillan’s Energy Advice Team the partnership helps people living with cancer keep warm without the worry.”

Alison Rooks, Energy Advice Team Leader at Macmillan says:  “Rising energy needs aren’t something people automatically associate with having cancer. However, patients going through chemotherapy feel the cold. It can be a bone numbing cold that they just can’t shake, regardless of the weather outside. Combine that with spending more time at home as well as reduced income from not being able to work and managing energy bills can soon become difficult for cancer patients.

“npower’s Macmillan Fund provides vital support  to their customers undergoing cancer treatment, allowing them to focus on their health instead of their energy consumption and keep warm without the worry.”

Elizabeth Gardner, Head of Corporate Responsibility & Community at npower said: “Our partnership with Macmillan allows us to offer tailored support when no other help is available for people affected by cancer. Sadly many people are unaware of this support and rarely think to notify their energy supplier of their diagnosis. By working with Macmillan, we help people living with cancer at a time when they need it most – so they can focus on their health”. 

About the Campaign

We spoke to Macmillan about this campaign and Harriet Posner, Senior Marketing Manager for Strategic Partnerships, at Macmillan Cancer Support said:  

“People with cancer often feel the cold more due to side effects of their treatment.  We wanted to create a simple, easy to understand campaign which demonstrated the serious issue of fuel poverty that many people living with cancer face and highlight the support available to them. 

“Our Keep Warm Without the Worry campaign with npower was insight led based on evidence from Macmillan’s Energy Advice Team and YouGov commissioned research. The objective was to raise awareness of the issue and position npower and Macmillan as the solution by signposting people with cancer to support. The fully integrated marketing and PR campaign was delivered in-house with npower, positioning people with cancer at the heart of our ideas and creative. This enabled us to tell the story in an emotive way.”

Our Thoughts

Another great campaign. With the growing number of cancer cases in the UK this will be something which may become more and more pertinent as time goes on. Good to see a company like Npower working with a great charity like Macmillan to help people out at a time of huge stress. This Campaign is very important as this is something it is likely many cancer sufferers might not know about so reaching as many as possible with this campaign can only be a good thing. It is great to see a story being told in an emotive way without feeling it’s a case of emotional blackmail, something many marketers and advertisers often get wrong. A great campaign that has hopefully done a lot of good and will continue to do so.






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