E.ON partners with the Gorillaz for a solar-powered live and digital campaign

The 26th May saw the launch of a brand new collaboration between the world’s most successful virtual act Gorillaz and energy provider E.ON, harnessing the sun’s energy to create an innovative solar and battery storage powered music studio.

The launch marks the introduction of E.ON’s new global brand position which reflects its desire to deliver innovative customer solutions that help create a better tomorrow.

A new film, created and brought to life by the power of sun, is released today featuring the track ‘We Got The Power’ from Gorillaz critically acclaimed new album, Humanz.

Set in the desert, the film features over 1,000 dancing toys, hundreds of light installations, giant tanks of illuminating squid, a squadron of flashing UFOs and a giant golden lucky cat – all powered entirely by solar and battery storage technology; a technology E.ON has now made available to UK consumers through its new E.ON Solar and Storage offering.E.ON Solar and Storage converts sunlight into electricity using solar PV panels. The electricity generated can either be used straight away or stored in a battery to use when it’s needed, even at night. People who take E.ON Solar and Storage could save around 30% or £180 a year if they take solar panels or around 50% or £300 a year if they take solar panels plus battery storage. People can also earn money via the Feed-In Tariff and, together, this could make users £560 better off a year; the equivalent to 80% off their electricity bill.

The film paves the way for unveiling of the ‘E.ON Kong Solar Studio’, a concept based on the band’s original Kong Studios, which offers a solar and battery storage powered creative space for music projects. Using the power generated by E.ON solar PV panels, Gorillaz’ Kong Studios 2.0 will come to life at night and provide aspiring music artists the opportunity to create new tracks which will appear on eon.com/gorillaz.

Gorillaz founder and bassist Murdoc Niccals, said “These days I’m not just a feminist, I’m an environmentalist too. That’s why Gorillaz has partnered up with E.ON – the leading eggheads in solar storage – to create a spanking new studio that not only lets us create more mind-blowing music, it also saves the planet. E.ON do batteries as well, meaning we can keep banging out killer tunes even after dark.”

The E.ON Kong Solar Studio was revealed at this year’s sold-out Demon Dayz Festival, which took place at Dreamland Amusement Park in Margate on 10th June. The E.ON Solar and Storage technology – which allows the studio to use the sun’s power day and night through the use of battery storage – will be put into action at the festival, with musicians recording music throughout the night and festival goers invited to visit the studio. The E.ON Kong Solar Studio will then follow the band at selected gigs on Gorillaz’ highly anticipated world tour, including, it is expected, a number of European dates.

Anthony Ainsworth, Global Head of Marketing at E.ON, commented: “Our collaboration with Gorillaz brings the possibilities of solar power and battery storage to life – using the sun’s energy as the driving force behind an incredibly creative and ambitious project. Gorillaz have always inspired audiences and artists with their bold and pioneering approach to sound and visuals and that’s exactly what this project was set up to showcase.

“The partnership highlights the potential for solar power to help deliver more sustainable results without compromising on performance. This is all part of our ambition for E.ON to offer our customers smarter, more sustainable solutions that support their individual energy needs and to be a business at the heart of a new energy world.”

For behind the scenes footage around the creation of the ‘We Got The Power’ film and the E.ON Kong Solar Studio visit eon.com/gorillaz.






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