The Fondation Visio proposes a different view on partially-sighted people

To promote a revolutionary device which fits to a cane and helps blind people navigate, the Fondation Visio has teamed up with the Altmann Pacreau agency.

The device is called Tom Pouce, created by the VISIO Foundation in partnership with the Visioptronic Company is a light, discreet and removable device which attaches to the cane and transforms it instantly into an electronic cane.! This obstacle-detector reads the environment very clearly: it detects obstacles up to 2 m (approx. 6.56 ft) high and can reach between 2 and 15 m (49.21 ft) ahead.

An innovative start-up, the Fondation Visio takes action in research, in setting and promoting all mobility assistance for visually impaired people.

Their approach, embodied in a new slogan “Innovation guides  us”, is a video and print campaign to raise money through donations

Rather than depicting living conditions and limited mobility, the agency has chosen yo use a positive and happy demonstration of the eletronic cane  in the form of a musical comedy.

The agency worked with talented Director Laura Sicouri (Wanda productions) primarily known for music videos from artists such as Birdy Hint and The Serpent. The video’s Choreographer Carine Charaire from “I  could  never  be  a dancer”, best known for the TV spot of Jalouse magazine and for choreographing the Kylie Minogue music video for Crystallize.

After a casting open to all 5 continents, the production found a particularly talented young dancer, Benjamin Yonattan blind since he was 12. This young remarkable American who did  “America’s Got Talent” and who was immediately excited by the project and travelled to Paris.

The music was especially composed by THE (Jérôme Alquier)  and designed to be similar in style to a 50’s musical and the film was shot in a similar, slick designed studio set. We follow the dance steps of a romantic couple, it becomes obvious part way through that one of the dancers is in fact blind. He was able to do this performance avoiding obstacles thanks to his Tom Pouce electronic cane.

The text then explains that the equipment that can change the day to day life of many visually impaired people could be available to a lot more people with donations to cover the production and the suitable training to use this new technology via the Fondation Visio.

It is great to see an advert like this which works on a global level for a good cause.



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