Eco-Products Increases Use of Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic, Becomes an ‘APR Recycling Demand Champion’

Eco-Products® have announced that it is increasing its use of post-consumer recycled plastic and has become an “APR Recycling Demand Champion.”

The designation is part of a campaign — launched by the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) in 2017 – to expand market demand for recycled resins and improve recycling in North America. Without companies committing to use post-consumer content in products and packaging, the recycling industry can face challenges in making the economics work.

Demand Champions are “forward-thinking, proactive organizations (that) are playing a prominent role in expanding the market for mixed residential plastics,” according to the APR website.

“This is all part of our commitment to a Zero Waste future for our planet,” said Sarah Martinez, director of marketing for Eco-Products. “We’re dedicated to creating positive change by using resources wisely and keeping waste out of landfills.”  

Eco-Products is increasing the post-consumer recycled plastic content in its BlueStripe Cold Cups from 25% to 30%. The BlueStripe cups, available in 9-, 12-, 16-, 20- and 24-ounce sizes, perform like traditional plastic cups but use post-consumer recycled resin, which comes from plastic bottles.

“BlueStripe cups provide a balance of performance and environmental benefits,” Martinez said. “They’re a way to give plastic bottles a new life and keep them out of landfills.”

As a Recycling Demand Champion, Eco-Products joins other companies such as Procter & Gamble and Target.

The Demand Champions campaign is playing an important role in expanding the market for recycled plastics, driving investment, increasing supply and producing more high-quality post-consumer resin. The campaign generated almost 7 million pounds of new demand in its first year alone, according to APR.

“We are pleased with the impact and growth of The APR Recycling Demand Champion Campaign,” said Steve Alexander, president and CEO of APR. “We commend the companies that have committed to the program, and look forward to their continued efforts to expand the market for recycled plastics and enhance the plastics recycling industry.”

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