Ecotricity to power homes with Geothermal energy in UK first

Ecotricity, the world’s first green energy company, has signed a pioneering agreement that enables the production and sale of geothermal electricity for the first time in the UK – generating steam more than 3 miles beneath Cornwall to power homes with renewable energy.

The geothermal site on the United Downs in Cornwall was covered in a Sunday Times magazine feature on 3rd January 2021, which predicts geothermal power could eventually provide up to 10% of the country’s energy needs and be an “always on” renewable source.

Ecotricity’s partnership with Geothermal Engineering Limited will see a minimum of 3MW of baseload electricity – enough to power 10,000 homes a year produced by the plant and distributed via the National Grid.  It is the first time that electricity from geothermal energy has been produced and sold in the UK.  Ecotricity has agreed a 10-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for energy generated at the site.

Dale Vince, Founder of Ecotricity, said…

“Geothermal is a really exciting form of energy that is currently untapped in the UK. We’re pleased to be part of this project and to add the power to our customer’s energy mix. It has a big role to play in our plans to decarbonise the country.”

Dr Ryan Law, Founder and Managing Director of Geothermal Engineering Limited, added…

“We have spent many years working towards this point and are thrilled to see this pioneering geothermal power plant coming together.  Our work shows the significant potential of geothermal energy to supply both heat and energy across Cornwall.  We are very excited for the industry, investment and jobs this renewable resource could bring to the region.”

The power plant is expected to be fully operational by early 2022.

In addition to power generated at the site, plans have been submitted for a geothermally heated biome, which will be used to mature and then distil sustainable rum.

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