EcoVadis and Leading Mobility & Vehicle Organizations Join Forces to Drive Decarbonization and Positive Impact Through Accelerate Initiative

EcoVadis, along with leading sector organizations, announced their efforts to rapidly advance the mobility and vehicle industry toward a more sustainable future through the Accelerate Initiative. As founding members of the initiative, General Motors, John Deere, Stellantis, and Tenneco seek to accelerate the adoption of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) topics that are most important to the sector. Members aim to create synergies with their shared value chain partners to drive GHG emissions reductions and address labor & human rights and ethical risks.

Powered by the EcoVadis platform, Accelerate members share a common pool of EcoVadis scorecards and collaboration tools. Members can collaborate on, track, and improve sustainability performance with their suppliers in the EcoVadis Network, and leverage powerful data mining capabilities providing industry insights to guide strategy.

“By aligning on the top priorities for our industry – such as modern slavery and other important environmental and ethical risks – we send a strong, unified message to our supplier community, and give more coherent direction to allow focused improvement,” said Adrian Khouri, Executive Director, Corporate ESG at Tenneco.

Accelerate members seek to go beyond one-by-one disclosure to drive industry-wide change and make an impact at scale with their value chain partners in several ways, including: 

  • Using a common ESG ratings process, with a broad 0-100 scale with benchmarks to give suppliers rich context on where they stand vs peers.
  • Identifying essential feedback to suppliers through detailed scorecards on where they are performing well, and what are the top priorities to improve.
  • Centralizing on one platform with sharing of scorecards, as well as learning tools and content aligned with those scorecards to guide improvements.

To achieve these goals, Accelerate uses EcoVadis’ proven sustainability rating methodology, scorecards, and improvement platform. The EcoVadis Sector Initiative features are built as an antitrust-compliant network and allow for more efficient supplier onboarding, transparency, as well as collaboration and analytics. Together, these capabilities aim to deliver visibility across the mobility and vehicle supply chain’s sustainability performance and allow Accelerate members to more effectively implement changes on the top priorities of their industry. This results in a positive message towards their supplier community and a more coherent direction to enable targeted improvement. To realize this targeted improvement and meet the requirements of the mobility and vehicle sector, Accelerate member suppliers will have access to additional capacity-building and engagement activities, as well as tools and best practices.

“The Accelerate Initiative members recognize that collaboration is essential to scaling up positive impact on environmental, social and governance topics that are most important to the mobility and vehicle sector,” said Annette Quincy, Sector Initiatives Director at EcoVadis. “With over 90% of GHG emissions coming from supply chains, the Accelerate Initiative has taken strong steps to harmonize the tools suppliers use to address the most important sustainability challenges and start making a true impact on the planet.”

With over 3,300 rated suppliers across 150 categories and 55 countries, the Accelerate Initiative is off to a strong start to identify needs and share key sustainability data across the industry. The alliance is expecting new companies to join the Accelerate Initiative soon and welcomes other mobility and vehicle industry leaders to contact EcoVadis to learn more at: 

Link to the Accelerate Website

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