EcoVadis Network Grows 50% As Sustainability Improvement Magnitude Triples Ahead of Sustain 2022 Virtual Conference

EcoVadis, the world’s most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings, today announced that the EcoVadis Network has grown to include over 750 requesting organizations, a 50% increase since the start of 2021, and over 90,000 of their trading partners and suppliers.

The network has nearly tripled in Improvement Magnitude this past year heading into the Sustain 2022 virtual conference. Improvement Magnitude measures the total scope of EcoVadis score improvement by companies across the network and is a core indicator of the capacity to drive positive sustainability impact. More than 260 new requesting customers (such as procurement teams and investors) joined the network, with the Northern Europe/UK and North America regions leading the way (at 79 and 76 respectively). These customers extend the reach of the EcoVadis Network into key industries including technology, apparel and energy, all contributing to the rise in risk mapping visibility, carbon emissions reductions engagement and sustainability performance improvement practices:

  • EcoVadis IQ: In 2021, the number of customers that signed up to use EcoVadis IQ grew 370%, extending risk mapping visibility across their value chain. This predictive intelligence is used to inform an actionable ratings and improvement strategy across more than 275,000 companies.

  • Carbon Action Module (CAM): More than 9,000 Carbon Scorecards were completed and shared in the EcoVadis Network since its launch in 2021. With the number of new enterprise customers signing on to CAM exceeding target by 50%, adoption is accelerating as EcoVadis continues to roll out enhancements in 2022.

  • EcoVadis Academy: Provides customers e-learning to advance their sustainability improvement journey and has already 4,000 users engaged in 8,000 courses in progress or completed since it launched in November.

“As the environmental and social challenges of our planet pass critical tipping points, the need for organizations to transform their practices and business models has never been more urgent,” said Pierre-Francois Thaler, co-CEO of EcoVadis. “With EcoVadis’ network growth, solution adoption, and team capabilities all advancing faster than expected, it’s clear that the momentum of sustainable value chain action is accelerating, to secure business resilience and drive positive impact at scale.”

EcoVadis currently has 1,189 employees, a growth of 50% since last year’s Sustain conference, working across 13 countries and representing 52 nationalities, all dedicated to helping their customers translate ambition into positive social and environmental impact.

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