Element Ad 2 / Ad 2 Dallas Launches Domestic Violence Awareness Campaign for Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support

A new campaign for Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support aims to eradicate the helplessness of abuse survivors and provide a solution to end domestic violence.

The ‘Be Her First Step’ campaign sets out to spread the message that “educating yourself is the first step in stopping domestic violence.”

The campaign has been concepted by Ad 2 Dallas’ pro-bono agency,  Element Ad 2, which consists of a group of volunteer advertising, marketing and creative professionals from Dallas-Fort Worth.

The entire campaign was developed at no cost for Genesis and media was donated by companies like Big Outdoor and Spectrum. The TV spots were produced with the help of Lucky 21 and  Lucky Post.

“Domestic violence is a huge issue in Dallas and most people aren’t sure exactly what to do to stop it,” said Jesse Barnett, Account Director for Element Ad 2. “Genesis believes that educating yourself is the first step in stopping domestic violence.”

Founded in 1985, Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support provides safety, shelter and support for women and children who have experienced domestic violence, and raises awareness regarding its cause, prevalence and impact.

The stop-motion approach uses hands as symbols of the strength of support. Since abuse can affect any age, race, religion, anywhere – these hands also reflect how abuse permeates our society.

“Domestic violence campaigns have a track record of pairing depressing visuals with jarring headlines and that’s exactly what fueled our efforts to make something with a positive message. Something that inspires the community with the tools to help end domestic violence,” explains Element Ad 2 Creative Director, McKenzie Teng.

The campaign consists of various advertisements including TV, digital search, digital billboards, social, the creation of a blog and microsite, as well as other digital content.

“We really wanted to create a cohesive experience both offline and online,” said Element Ad 2 Digital Director, Chris Petrawski. “Everything in the imagery and messaging on the new blog, digital ads and website matches what the user sees on TV and billboards.”

To date, Element Ad 2 has delivered over $200,000 in donated work to Genesis thanks to their partners and volunteers.







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