Elifelet and McCann Tel Aviv Work Together to Raise Awareness of the Plight of Tel Aviv’s Refugees

Elifelet is a volunteer-based NGO that takes care of thousands of African refugees’ children living in Tel-Aviv, Israel.andhas been working with McCann’s creative team. McCann Tel Aviv has been handling Elifelet’s advertising activity, and started off iwth the aim to increase people’s awareness for those children’s real story and the painful truth behind it, and of course, to get donations for food, clean clothes and other basic supplies.

Eddie Gartsman, Creative Director of the campaign explained to us the thoughts behind it and the campaign itself:

We used the new story questions feature in Elifelet’s Instagram page, but actually, we used it a bit different.

Instead of letting people ask us something, we asked them to guess the answers of refugees’ children questions such as “How many kids are with me in my kindergarten?”, “How many hours a day do I get to see my parents?” and “What do I eat for lunch in my kindergarten?”.

The truth is that no one knew the truth. After people found out that those children are sharing their kindergarten with up to 50-90 other children, seeing their parents for just 3 hours a day and eating cereals without milk for lunch, they opened their hearts and in just 48 hours, donations were increased by thousands of percent.

You can see more in McCann’s Case study:

About Elifelet

Elifelet – Citizens for Refugee Children, is a volunteer-based NGO dedicated to supporting the children of asylum seekers from Africa who are living in South Tel-Aviv. Elifelet is a charitable organization that is not affiliated with any political party. Its volunteers are motivated by compassion and a sense of responsibility to provide humanitarian aid in the form of medical, emotional and educational support to the children of asylum seekers in Tel Aviv. This community of refugees includes more than 1,000 infants, children and their families living in the Shapira and Hatikva neighborhoods of south Tel Aviv. The organization provides active aid to 35 makeshift daycare centers set up by the community (sometimes dubbed “child warehouses” or “babysitters” by the Israeli media). It runs two after-school therapeutic facilities for children aged 3-10 who have been diagnosed as being particularly at-risk either developmentally, emotionally or financially. 

Elifelet was founded in the Spring of 2012, following a hate crime in Tel Aviv, when ‘Molotov cocktails’ (glass bottles containing explosives) were thrown into a refugee daycare center at night, where 21 children were sleeping (miraculously, the infants were physically unhurt).

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