Entergy Provides Update on Its Progress to Net-Zero Carbon Emissions

Entergy is taking additional actions on climate change while maintaining our commitment to safely providing reliable, affordable and cleaner energy for customers and communities.

Entergy recently published their latest climate report as an update to stakeholders and to provide transparency on our progress to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

“As a power provider for 3 million customers in four southern states, Entergy plays a critical role in delivering the clean energy solutions essential to lowering greenhouse gas emissions across the economy, without compromising affordability or service reliability,” said Drew Marsh, chief executive officer for Entergy. “This report outlines our thoughtfully planned climate actions moving forward and our approach to addressing uncertainties along the way.”

Entergy is one of the first utilities to address the totality of carbon emissions across its value chain – that is, Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions of all applicable greenhouse gases from all Entergy businesses.

In the report, we reaffirmed our commitment to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 and discussed two interim carbon emission reduction targets. First, we expect 50% of our power generation capacity will come from clean, carbon-free energy sources by 2030, which is a new goal established as of the latest climate report. Second, we will reduce our carbon dioxide emissions rate by 50%, including owned and purchased power generation, from 2000 base-year emissions by 2030. Entergy also reaffirmed plans to retire all coal-powered generating plants by the end of 2030.

The report also discusses efforts to accelerate investments in power delivery system resilience. Entergy strives to build and maintain a reliable and resilient system. In response to the increased frequency in extreme weather events, we have broadened and updated our climate science-based analysis process. Based on this analysis, we are proactively accelerating our investments in resilience, especially in vulnerable areas.

This latest climate report builds on Entergy’s 20-year history of climate action and advances a cleaner, sustainable and more resilient future for all stakeholders. Read our foundational 2019 climate report here and our 2020 addendum, which established our net-zero emissions by 2050 commitment here.

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