Ethical Marketing Podcast – 3 pt 1 – Ben Downing from Havas Media Group on ethics and the future of digital advertising, and so much more

This podcast Stuart is on his own and chats to Ben Downing, Global Managing Director, Ethical Media and Strategic Partnerships for Havas Media Group, in an interview which was so interesting and covered so many things that I’ve had to split it in two parts, so I’ll release part 2 next week hopefully!

Ben, previously Global Head of Programmatic at Havas, has led the roll out of Havas’ Social Equity Marketplace, and has an interest in all things marketing, ethics and many more things as we discover.



Sites mentioned in the podcast, that you should visit!

Havas Media Group –

The Conscious Ad Network –

Havas Meaningful Brand Study –

Sustainability Marketplace –

Dove –

Institute for Advertising Ethics –

Dr. Bronner’s –


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