European Women Alliance launches #DoneOnPeriod

In Romania, as in other Latin cultures, a woman on period is often perceived as not capable to do things right and suffering of a temporary loss of physical and mental ability. The assumption “Are you on period or what?” is something that every woman has heard at least once in her life. It can be intended as joke but it is, in substance, an insult. The truth is that women achieve small and big results every day, even when they are in those days.

How to fight this subtle yet powerful discrimination? By showing that is wrong, with evidence. This is what #DoneOnPeriod is about: sharing a small or big achievement that a woman has reached during her menstruation, and demonstrate that using periods as an insult has no meaning at all.

European Women’s Alliance launched the campaign on Women’s Day in Romania, that is currently holding the Presidency of the EU Council. Romania is a country where gender discrimination still persists and that is why the campaign takes place from there, as #DeNeopritPeStop (“unstoppable on stop”).

Celebrities from entertainment, sports and social media have joined to support the cause, each of them sharing a significant achievement that they have reached in those days. In their case, revealing a personal detail about a public achievement has the power to bring to light a truth that is often hiding: women are stronger than the misconception.

Following the call to arms from the celebrities, every woman can share her personal story #DoneOnPeriod and invite others to do the same. This flow of stories will fight back the stigma, and hopefully erase it. And this how we turn period shaming into a collective empowerment movement.

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