Fair Trade USA Joins 1% for the Planet ‘My Planet Pass’ Program to Encourage Environmental Activism

 Fair Trade USA, the leading third-party certifier of fair trade products in North America, is pleased to announce its participation in 1% for the Planet’s, My Planet Pass, a new program that helps consumers contribute to a more sustainable future. 

With a My Planet Pass purchase, supporters become members of 1% for the Planet and its five high-impact nonprofit partners, allowing them to ‘bundle’ their support of climate, land, food, pollution, water, and wildlife work into a single transaction. Fair Trade USA will use Pass proceeds to help achieve its mission—enabling sustainable development and community empowerment by cultivating a more equitable and traceable global trade model. This includes certifying whole products and ingredients (produce, coffee, cocoa, sugar, snacks, flowers, grains, etc.), producers and facilities (farms, fisheries, and factories for apparel and home goods), as well as empowering workers to make choices for the good of their communities through Community Development Fund dollars. 

In the past, workers have elected to use their funds for projects like rebuilding public schoolssetting up plant nurseries, or installing water wells to provide clean drinking water. By purchasing a My Planet Pass, members will be supporting worker livelihoods and environmental stewardship through the sustainable production of fair trade ingredients and products around the world. Pass members will also receive exclusive member perks like Fair Trade Certified™ sample sets from brand partners, newsletter content, and invitations to regional events for fair trade advocates and supporters. Pass memberships are priced at $400, $600, and $800 and can be purchased online.

“Consumption today can often feel chaotic. There’s more information and news than ever before, and for savvy consumers, especially those concerned about their impact, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed,” said Paul Rice, President and CEO of Fair Trade USA. “We’re excited to join the My Planet Pass program because it gives consumers a voice in the process. Ultimately, their dollars help support sustainable livelihoods by enabling workers to better care for themselves and be better caretakers of our planet.

The My Planet Pass is modeled after multi-mountain ski pass programs and popular streaming subscription services. “By packaging environmental giving this way, as a product that many consumers are already used to buying, we hope to take the intimidation out of activism,” said Kate Williams, CEO of 1% for the Planet. 

“We advocate for full-circle sustainability,” said Mike Forbes, CEO of Alter Eco. “Beyond the way we eat, it’s how our ingredients are grown, how we measure our impact, and how we do business. The My Planet Pass gives people another touchpoint for supporting sustainability more holistically.”     

Other nonprofit partners include Protect Our WintersPlastic OceansNational Forest Foundation, and Pollinator Partnership

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