Five thousand young people secure employment in health and social care through Prince’s Trust programmes

Since 2019, The Princes Trust has provided free programmes to help thousands of young people across the country build the confidence and skills they need to start sustainable careers across a range of roles in the NHS and care sector. Roles have included clinical frontline work, administration, facilities, ambulance services and more. Many supported into employment and entry level roles have continued to upskill and progress on pathways into nursing and other specialities.

Ruby Smith, Director of Health and Social Care at The Prince’s Trust, said:

We could not be prouder of every single one of the 5,000 young people who have successfully begun their career in the healthcare sector with the support of The Prince’s Trust.

We have met incredibly talented, hardworking, and resilient young people who we know are going to be a huge asset to the NHS and social care workforce.

We have seen first-hand what young people can achieve with access to the right support, and the progression they can go on to make within these roles. Young people continue to offer a huge amount of talent and potential to a sector that needs them more than ever.

Faced with physical and mental health challenges growing up which impacted her education and confidence, Megan left school in Leicester without the required maths and English qualifications to pursue her dream career working in healthcare. Finding herself unemployed at the start of the pandemic and on Universal Credit, she feared for her future and thought she would never find a job.

Today she is a Healthcare Assistant at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London after receiving support from The Prince’s Trust, and she is looking forward to starting her nursing degree to achieve her dream of becoming a nurse.

Megan said:

I finally have the career I always dreamed of but believed would only stay in my dreams. Now I’m living it. I smile at myself when I proudly tell people what I do! Getting to help people every day is something I love, and I can’t wait to start my nursing degree to finally become a nurse.

Last year the Department of Health and Social Care committed £7.9m to be granted to The Prince’s Trust to continue vital employability work supporting young people into careers in the health and social care sector across England.
The new funding will allow nationwide programmes and events to continue for an additional three years, with the aim of supporting 3,500 more young people into jobs across the sector.

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