Fundacion Jero Garcia and McCann Madrid Launch Anti-Bullying Campaign

Jero Garcia, former boxing champion and founder of Fundacion Jero Garcia, strongly believes that sports offers children a way out from being a bullying victim.

That’s why Fundacion Jero Garcia and McCann Madrid partnered together to a launch a gritty campaign showcasing the realities of the insults that children encounter everyday at school. 

Called “Sports vs Bullying” the campaign aims to persuade parents and children to find the sport that they are talented for and enlist in a sports club.

“Sports vs Bullying” 

“Sport gives you what you need to defend bullying. Sports gives you friends, strength, self-control, perseverance, determination, hope, optimism. And many more. All children need all of these. We, as parents and teachers, need to help them reach them”, stated Jero Garcia.

At the initiative of Fundacion Jero Garcia, three big names of the Spanish boxing scene competed in a boxing match dedicated to the fight against bullying at Casino Gran Madrid de Torrelodones, a match also broadcasted live on TV in Spain.

But the boxing champions did not have their popular boxing nicknames on their ring jackets, instead they were replaced with most common insults used by kids.

Míriam La Reina Gutiérre changed her name to La Guarra Gutiérrez (En: The Slag), Ardi Rodríguez changed his name to PutoFriki Rodríguez (En: Fucking Nerd) and Cristian Mini Tyson Vélez changed his name to Gordo de Mierda Vélez (En: Fat Shit).


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