Girl Effect and Nutrition International Launch New Nutrition Video

Katy Wang has teamed up with Girl Effect to create this animation film that promotes healthy eating. With bold and colourful visuals the film illustrates the dangers of malnutrition, and lays out Girl Effect’s plans to empower young girls in Indonesia.

Girl Effect and Nutrition International, the global nutrition organisation working to transform the lives of vulnerable people by improving their nutritional status, have announced a two-year partnership to tackle the lack of knowledge about nutrition among adolescent girls in Indonesia.

Director Katy Wang told us: “I was approached to direct a film about a new partnership between Girl Effect and Nutrition International, which aims to educate and empower vulnerable teenage girls around the world of having a good diet and the positive impact this can have on their lives as a whole. It was an interesting challenge to be involved and I’m excited to be a part of such an important cause.”


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