#GirlsCount: ONE’s new campaign for girls’ education needs you


One.org is launching a new campaign to highlight girls education on International Women’s Day. They are asking the public worldwide to count with them. The campaign is designed to highlight the 130m women out of education. It is an interactive campaign designed to put people at the heart of the campaign and hit home how important these issues are, they say:

Right now, 130 million girls around the world are being denied an education — and, because of that, the chance to reach their full potential.

Educate a girl in one of the world’s poorest countries, and it boosts her health, wealth, and ability to take control of her life. She’s less likely to become a child bride, experience violence or contract HIV. But it doesn’t stop there. She’ll have healthier, better educated children. And she could help lift her family — and her entire country — out of poverty.

They are denied an education for a variety of reasons, from cultural norms and costs, to violence and extremism. The result is that these 130 million girls don’t have a fair chance to live a decent and productive life, and the entire world misses out by not benefitting from their potential.

This is a global crisis—we need to sound the alarm to our elected officials. It’s up to us to push them to mobilize resources and support key policy reforms that get these girls in school.

130 million is a big number. But this isn’t about numbers: It’s about real girls with hopes and dreams being denied the fair chance of a future.

So on March 8—International Women’s Day—we’re going to make the world pay attention to these girls by counting them.

One by one.

Out loud.

All the way to 130 million.

One number for every girl denied an education.

We’re asking you to join us in creating something that can’t be ignored. If one person did this alone it would take them more than five years, so we’re going to come together across all our divides to get this done.

This will take as little as five minutes of your time. People of all countries, faiths, races, genders, and political ideologies are welcome. Everyone will take the same action: Claim a number and film yourself counting it out loud for our elected officials to hear and see.

Claim your number. Join the count. Because a girl with an education is a girl who can change the world.

If you don’t have time to claim a number then please add your name to this letter


About ONE

ONE is a campaigning and advocacy organisation of nearly eight million people around the world taking action to end extreme poverty and preventable disease, particularly in Africa.





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