Glasgow Hosts Summer Festival of Citizenship: 9-10 August

At a time when political trends threaten the further scapegoating of marginalised minorities within our communities, this summer’s “We Are One” festival is an important celebration of inclusive citizenship, and the possibilities of a world where everyone matters – without exception.

This Festival is a Citizen Network event supported by ENABLE Scotland, In Control Scotland, Partners for Inclusion, Alzheimer Scotland, and several others. With many delegates to the world congress of IASSIDD already in Glasgow that week, the Festival will provide an international opportunity for serious fun and an exchange of ideas, structured around Citizen Network’s seven keys to citizenship – Love Life Home Freedom Help Purpose Money – the very basic things we all need to play our full part within society.

The Festival will kick-off on the evening of Friday 9th August with a “Stay Up Late” event taking place in the main Festival venue, the Student Union at the University of Strathclyde. This party atmosphere will provide an effective curtain-raiser for the Festival.

On Saturday 10th August there will be a full programme of events from morning until early evening. The Strathclyde Student Union will again provide the main venue, but several additional venues will be in use in the “Merchant City”, including Spoon Café, The Tron Theatre, The Clutha, Mono Café Bar. There will be a varied mixture of music, dance, drama, poetry, debate, discussion, and the testing out of new ideas. There is an inclusive invitation to all who are interested in celebrating equality amid diversity, and entry to the Festival is free of charge.

Regarding Citizen Network, Simon Duffy writes:
“We are all wonderfully different and we’re all absolutely equal. But so often we become divided and fearful. We build walls, instead of bridges. If you are too different you can be pushed to the margins: excluded, institutionalised or worse.

Progress is possible. We’ve seen people challenge and overcome discrimination. We’ve seen people embrace difference and build inclusive communities. We’ve seen people break free and exercise their citizenship. We can do so much better.”

To stay in touch with what’s happening in the build-up to the Festival go to facebook and twitter @citizenfest.
To register your intention to be there go to

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