Grand Prix Go To Festive for Burberry & The Birth of Gaming Tourism for Xbox

The Gerety Awards, the only creative prize to reward the best in advertising from the female vision, announces the 2021 winners.

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“The winning work created rich conversation with the other jurors. It’s not often you get to be on a jury made up of women from diverse backgrounds. It was a reminder of how much we need different perspectives and experiences when we make the work but also when we award it our highest honours. In the sea of sameness, the Gerety Awards is championing the best of global advertising through the female lens”, explained jury member Nancy Crimi-Lamanna, Chief Creative Officer, FCB, Canada

In total, the 196 judges from 36 countries composed of industry leaders from across the globe awarded 4 Grand Prix, 15 Gold, 47 Silver, 48 Bronze, from a total of 114 winners.

UK Winners included:

  • GOLD: #BuybackFriday for IKEA by Edelman London
  • GOLD: Festive for Burberry by Riff Raff Films London
  • SILVER: Wildlife Watch for Samsung by Edelman London
  • SILVER: Baby Blocker for Skyn Condoms by McCann Manchester
  • SILVER: Lights On for McDonald’s by Leo Burnett London
  • SILVER: The Homeless Bank Account for HSBC by Wunderman Thompson UK
  • SILVER: The Show Must Go On for Amazon by Lucky Generals London
  • SILVER: Beyond Generations for Microsoft/Xbox by McCann London
  • BRONZE: Sex Education x Chromebook UK: Chromebook gets educational with Netflix for Google by Essence London
  • BRONZE: What We Do Next for Deutsche Telekom by Saatchi & Saatchi London

Internationally, the US was a top Gerety winner overall with 19 total statues, followed by Canada with 13, the UK with 12, France with 11 and Spain with 7.

Grand Prix were awarded to Burberry, An Nahar Newspaper, Xbox/Microsoft and Znamkamarada.

Grand Prix, in Craft, for “Festive” Burberry by Riff Raff Films. “This ad makes me so happy. At first glance it’s a feel good, anthemic, music driven ad but it also excels by highlighting Burberry’s coats waterproof feature, resistant against all elements, even large blocks of ice falling from the sky. Megaforce’s craft is impeccable, as well as the music and choreography, sending a much needed optimistic message in a year filled with adversity”. Daniela Vojta (Grand Jury, USA)

Grand Prix, in Communication, for “The New National Anthem Edition” An Nahar Newspaper by Impact BBDO Dubai. The power of a word. The Power of print. This is a reminder of the impact that this traditional medium can have. It became a symbol of female empowerment. This positive change to the National anthem was adopted by a nation, it is both moving and momentous. Kate Stanners (Grand Jury, UK)

Grand Prix, in Experience, for The Birth of Gaming Tourism Xbox / Microsoft by McCann London. “This is one of my favourite campaigns. It is unexpected and bold. I like the smart twist on it, the first time promoting games as tourist destinations, providing a fresh angle for the gamers to experience the game at different levels”. Kelly Woh (Grand Jury, China)

Grand Prix, in Works For Good, for “Anticorruption Hackathon” Znamkamarada by WMC Grey Prague.  “A brilliant example of where social media platforms can be used to engage a nation in a positive meaningful way. It’s a brilliant example of a call to arms and where as a society we can come together to solve problems, and in the process create economic societal and political change.” Karen Blackett OBE (Grand Jury, UK)

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