Greenpeace France Wants You to Eat Less Meat this BBQ Season

Nearly 80% of livestock bred for consumption in France is raised through industrial production, generating serious sanitary and environmental problems for the planet. It accounts for 14% of gas emissions worldwide, causes water pollution, and contributes to massive deforestation in certain regions across the globe. The average person eats 86 kg of meat per year in France, twice the world average, and the outlook is gloomy, with the global average set to double by 2050, according to Greenpeace France. In addition to the harmful impact on our environment, livestock raised in industrial production often face deplorable conditions and are treated with damaging antibiotics. The non-profit organization believes we need to act urgently and is launching its new campaign “BBQ Song”, just as the season gets underway. 

To relay the message Greenpeace France turned to agency 84.Paris who created the music video “You Don’t Need All That Meat”. The ‘90s-style video features “Gangsta Grill”, an animoji group consisting of a pig (Notorious P.I.G.), chicken, sheep, and cow, who encourage us to reconsider what we put on the grill. Interpreted by French beatboxer and imitator Eklips who emulates the stylings of ‘90s hip hop artists and rappers likeNotorious B.I.G., B-real of Cypress Hill, Snoop Dogg and Billy Lawrence, the song encourages listeners to reduce their meat consumption, eat locally, and consider vegetable alternatives.

“This video takes after the codes of 90s music videos”, explains Laure Ducos (Agriculture Campaigns at Greenpeace France). “We wanted to address barbecue amateurs an remind them of the problems industrial meat production causes on our health and environment. It’s not about depriving yourself this summer, but just consuming less and well: cut back on meat in favor of vegetables, and give preference to quality meat, produced locally.”

The music video launches July 19th and will run online and on social media.


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