GROSCHE International Provides Update on Goal of Funding 300 Million Days of Safe Water by the end of 2022

GROSCHE International, Inc., a social enterprise utilizing proceeds from the sale of coffee, tea and hydration products to change the world, announced an update on their Safe Water Project goal of providing 300 million days of safe drinking water to those in need by the end of the year. Since the establishment of the Safe Water Project in 2010, GROSCHE has provided 150 million days of safe drinking water leading into 2022. They are now looking to double this amount by the end of the year. With roughly six months remaining to reach their goal, GROSCHE reports an impressive total of 241,478,500 days of safe drinking water and counting. The Safe Water Project was created by GROSCHE co-founders, Helmi and Mehreen Ansari, after they nearly lost a loved one due to a waterborne illness. 

A lack of access to safe drinking water

“There is nothing quite like the positive impact that is created when clean, safe water is accessible within a community,” said Helmi Ansari, chief executive officer and chief sustainability officer for GROSCHE International, Inc. “It is a basic human right that builds a foundation for health, longevity and opportunity. By working toward our goal of 300 million days of safe water, we hope to inspire those around us to get involved and help do their part in changing the world one cup at a time.” 

While access to safe drinking water is often standard in well-developed and economically stable countries, it is an everyday concern for many people in remote or developing communities around the world. These communities face a number of hardships associated with their ability to have regular and nearby access to a reliable water source that is free of contamination. UNICEF and the World Health Organization (WHO) report that an estimated 2.2 billion people worldwide do not have access to safely managed drinking water, and 144 million of those people, often located in remote and poor locations, drink untreated surface water. The consumption of contaminated water can and often does result in serious, life-threatening waterborne illness. 

Getting involved and giving back with GROSCHE

GROSCHE provides access to safe drinking water through the use of Biosand water filters, which last up to 30 years, purifying water using only sand, gravel and warm climate. The Safe Water Project has created access to clean water for communities located in India, Malawi, Pakistan, Philippines, South Sudan and Uganda. GROSCHE works with these communities to implement the water filters and provide education on how to properly maintain and care for these filtration systems. 

At its core, GROSCHE is a brand focused on giving back, and they are able to achieve this by sharing their story and providing consumers with the highest quality of products. Each purchase of a GROSCHE product funds 50+ days of safe drinking water, which brings the Safe Water Project one step closer to meeting their goal; however, they need your help. There are three simple ways that you can do your part in helping to achieve this goal:

  • Consider purchasing one or more of GROSCHE’s coffee, tea and hydration products for yourself or give them as a gift to your friends, family or within your place of business. 

  • Use your social media presence as a force for good by using #EveryCupFillsAnother. By using this hashtag, GROSCHE adds one more day of safe water into the project on your behalf. 

  • Help build greater awareness by sharing the GROSCHE story on social media or with your family and friends.  

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