Asda publishes its Gender Pay report

Asda has published its Gender Pay report for 2021 which shows that its mean and median figures continue to be well below the national average.

In a report submitted to the Government’s Gender Pay website, Asda confirmed the following:

  • The median pay difference between all male and female Asda colleagues is 6.1% [2020: 5.5%]
  • The mean pay difference between all male and female Asda colleagues is 8.0% [2020: 8.4%]
  • A 0% median pay gap for hourly paid retail store colleagues who make up 85% of Asda’s total  workforce

According to ONS research, the UK’s national average median pay gap is 15.4% and the mean pay gap is 14.6%.
Asda’s Chief People Officer, Hayley Tatum, said: “We’re pleased that the 2021 results reflect the work we’ve been doing and continue to do to have more women in senior roles, increasing their representation from 38% in 2020 to 40% in 2021. We know there is more we can do to reduce our gender pay gap and this remains a core focus for us.”

Asda has a number of programmes in place including the continued development of Inclusion Networks, accelerated development programmes for high potential female colleagues and regular calendar events, available to all colleagues, focussing on gender and diversity.

The supermarket has also joined the LEAD Network which brings organisations together to share best practice and insights to support the development of women in retail, further accelerating the journey towards gender equality.

To read Asda’s 2021 gender pay report please click here.

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