Hard Rock International Announces Commitment to Help ‘Save the Planet’ by Eliminating Plastic Straws at Properties Worldwide

Hard Rock International (HRI) announced today the goal to eliminate plastic straws at properties worldwide effective September 1, 2018, in addition to existing ‘green’ initiatives already in place at the Hard Rock Cafes/Hotels/Casinos globally.

Aside from the straw initiative, HRI will transition to paper only to-go bags by mid-August. Durable, Earth-friendly straws will still be available upon request by end of year 2018

“One of Hard Rock’s founding mottos is to ‘Save the Planet’, and this is only an extension of the commitment we made to do just that 47 years ago,” said Senior Vice President of Purchasing at Hard Rock International, Tracy Bradford. “Our vendors and partners have been and will continue to be instrumental in activating this endeavor across the globe, and we are proud to help make a difference in conscientious sustainability practices as a business – it’s the right thing to do.”

As leaders in gaming and hospitality, the iconic Hard Rock brand will be announcing more save the planet initiatives in the next few months, including partnerships with key charity partners that share the values of the business to help protect the earth’s natural resources and environment.

Our Thoughts

We welcome, in priciple the elimination of plastic straws in many cases, but it important that there are things in place for those with disabilities who may well still need, or prefer access to straws. General cessation of straws is not a bad thing as long as there are still straws or a comfortable equivalent available, this has been covered better than we can by our friends at Ethical Hour.



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