Havas Chicago Brings Diversity & Inclusion Platform #BLACKATWORK to 3% Conference in Chicago

As the cultural conversation around equality in America continues to evolve, there is a need to approach the subject in a way that is provocative, authentic and that creates a deeper understanding of the specific barriers that diverse candidates in various industries face. To evoke this dialogue around the advertising industry specifically, Havas Chicago will bring its diversity and inclusion platform, #BLACKATWORK, to the seventh annual 3% Conference, a two-day event that addresses and examines the importance of diversity in creativity. The exclusive #BLACKATWORK activation aims to purposefully transform the perspectives around micro-aggressions in the advertising workplace by putting participants through a sample of the experience of black professionals in the ad world themselves.

“The #BLACKATWORK activation at the 3% Conference is specifically designed to raise awareness around the challenges women of color face at work,” said Jason Peterson, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer, Havas Creative, North America. “Most importantly, the activation has been designed by an amazingly diverse group of employees and is a pointed example of the quality of creative output made possible when you embrace a diverse group within your community.”

Havas Chicago launched #BLACKATWORK in 2017 as a Black History Month execution, and it has since become a pathway to a deeper discussion into the barriers to diversity and equality. #BLACKATWORK comes this year to the 3% Conference as an experiential activation that allows participants to navigate a maze of the stereotypes and “dead ends” that represent the micro-aggressions black women at work experience on a daily basis. #BLACKATWORK asks participants to own their role in pursuing equality for all and sheds light on the challenges women of color face in corporate America. In each room, participants will be immersed in a common workplace issues for people of color, such as pay equity and mansplaining.

“#BLACKATWORK is an important conversation that the industry needs to be engaged in. We couldn’t be more honored to bring this installation to the 3% Conference this year,” said Pilar McQuirter, Strategist at Havas Chicago and representative via Havas Faces, an employee lead diversity and inclusion group. ”If our industry is serious about moving the needle, we need a deeper understanding of the real experience that we’re offering our diverse candidates as well as ways that we can infuse more compassion and understanding into our leadership and employees. We built this concept as an effort to shift perspectives and open people’s eyes to barriers to diversity that exists in their business that they may not be aware of.”

Beyond bringing #BLACKATWORK to the 3% Conference, more than 50 leaders are attending the conference in person—with key male executives participating in the “Manbassador” program, aimed at educating and empowering men to make their workplaces more inclusive and safe. Havas North America will also stream the conference live across the agency’s network, demonstrating its commitment to sharing such meaningful sessions around equality and diversity with their staff.

The 3% Movement is the advertising industry’s leading voice for gender equality and diversity overall. Their annual 3% Conference brings together women and men from the worlds of advertising, marketing, PR, tech, nonprofits and more, for two days of inspirational keynotes, themed master classes, informative panels and networking. Committed to increasing the number of female creative directors and diversity in executive leadership roles, The 3% Movement also provides consulting, tools and resources to help agencies establish more inclusive workplace environments.

The #BLACKATWORK pop-up is open to 3% Conference attendees November 8 and 9, and will be on exhibit at the entrance of the conference at Chicago’s Navy Pier.

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