Y&R launches new typeface called The Feminist Letters

Ad agency Y&R has launched a new typeface called The Feminist Letters. Y&R launched the platform with Women of Sex TechBow & DrapeBustleYola Mezcal and the 3% Conference – organizations that represent kickass women across industries. The Feminist Letters gives all types of activists an engaging, creative way to speak out on the topics they care most about.

“Each letter is specifically designed with purpose, calling attention to issues like equal pay, reproductive rights, women’s health, women in politics, and campus assault laws,” The Feminist Letters website say the letters represent key points and phrases from “Ass-Kicking Career Woman” to “Zeitgeist,”.  The Feminist Letters platform streamlines the process of contacting representatives while making sure messages stand out. People can visit http://thefeministletters.com to tweet at their representatives using the font, and download the font to share across social.

TFL saw initial success at the Women’s March, where the letters were adopted and used by people in NYC, LA, Philadelphia and other cities across the U.S.

The Feminist Letters give women the language of advocacy, resistance, activism and action – uniting the wide range of gender equality issues under one umbrella and providing a language for feminism.

The goal of the campaign is to spark action for feminists everywhere – however they choose to adapt and use the font to more powerfully express their voices. Ultimately, the font is intended for feminists of all genders to write to their government representatives on crucial feminist issues, moving the needle towards gender equality.

Leslie Sims, Chief Creative Officer, Y&R North America told us: “We’re in a critical moment for women’s rights, with movements like #TimesUp and #MeToo inspiring women everywhere to take action. The Feminist Letters gives activists a way to send a message in a font that really sends a message. There are so many organizations advocating for gender equality, and The Feminist Letters offers a shared language that encompasses all of these issues. We want the font to be an engaging, creative way for women’s rights advocates to speak out on the topics most important to them.”









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