#Healthytogether: The IOC, the World Health Organization and the United Nations Join Forces to Fight the COVID-19 Pandemic – With Athletes Helping to Spread the Word

Olympic athletes will help deliver important public health information, inspiring people to adopt or continue behaviours that will curtail the pandemic and provide resources that promote physical and mental health.

Using the theme “Healthy Together”, partners and athletes will spotlight the collective effort and global collaboration needed to reduce the spread and impact of COVID-19.

IOC President Thomas Bach said: “Sport can save lives. We have seen over the last few months just how important sport and physical activity are for health and well-being. And working together with WHO and the United Nations we can take another step together. Olympic athletes will share the information and best practice that the world needs now.”

Over the past six months, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every corner of the globe and every aspect of our lives, bringing with it uncertainty, fears and challenges that require endurance and perseverance to overcome. The world is looking for global institutions to work together and for leaders to deliver reliable, credible information from sources they trust. Olympic athletes can be the trusted messengers for this information.

Tedros Adhanom, Director-General of the World Health Organization, commented: “We are pleased to partner with the International Olympic Committee to spread important health messages that will save lives. Olympians will help us advocate for healthier populations to ensure that people are as resilient as our health systems must be to fight COVID-19.”

António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations, added: “During this time of unprecedented challenges and change — from the COVID-19 pandemic to the ongoing struggle for racial and social justice and the climate crisis — there has never been a greater need for global solidarity and hope.  The Olympic Movement and its athletes have always brought out the best in humanity, and the United Nations is pleased to work with the International Olympic Committee and the World Health Organization in calling on people everywhere to unite and be #HEALTHYTogether.” 

As the pandemic evolves and countries around the world face varying stages of outbreak and recovery, the global partnership will act locally, through the voices of Olympic athletes – voices that symbolise perseverance, dedication and endurance – qualities all individuals need during this public health challenge. The three organisations will work with local health authorities to share public health guidance and resources that inform and empower individuals to take appropriate actions and precautions. The World Health Organization will work with athletes to bring the important information to populations where they live and where conditions may vary through digital platforms.   

As COVID-19 forces changes to our daily routines and lives – from how we interact with others to how we move and exercise – we need to pay attention to our own mental and physical health and help others who may need extra support. By working together, the aim of the partnership on Olympic Day and every day is to stay Healthy Together.

For more information, please visit the campaign page.

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