Herbalife Nutrition Extends Partnership With National Hispanic Council on Aging Under The Nutrition for Zero Hunger Initiative

Herbalife Nutrition, a premier global nutrition company, together with the Herbalife Nutrition Foundation, today announced an expanded partnership with the National Hispanic Council on Aging (NHCOA), the leading organization working to improve the lives of older Hispanic adults, their families and caregivers. The partnership empowers the aging Hispanic population with necessary tools to support their health by providing access to healthy nutrition, as well as nutrition education and fitness programs to promote healthy aging. NHCOA joins the Company’s growing network of nonprofit organizations under its Nutrition for Zero Hunger (NFZH) initiative, further demonstrating the often-overlooked effects of hunger and malnutrition in different communities.

“Our Nutrition for Zero Hunger campaign is designed to do one thing: eradicate hunger around the world.  Working with the National Hispanic Council on Aging, we will expand our reach as we tackle this global crisis,” said Alan Hoffman, executive vice president, Global Corporate Affairs, Herbalife Nutrition.

According to NHCOA, by 2060 the aging Hispanic population is expected to grow to 21.5 million. While more than 32% of this population lacks health insurance, economic and food insecurity are also prevalent issues among older Hispanic adults, placing this population at a higher risk for a number of chronic diseases, including obesity and diabetes. The Company will provide funding for NHCOA’s health education and promotion programs, focusing on healthy lifestyle habits. 

Herbalife Nutrition has partnered with NHCOA since 2014, supporting their health and nutrition programs, including their senior housing facility, Casa Iris, ensuring all residents have access to healthy nutrition. Over the six-year partnership, the Company has contributed nearly $200,000 to support ongoing programs, including over $60,000 of healthy nutrition products. In 2020, due to the overwelming needs of the community, the Company further supported Casa Iris residents with healthy nutrition needs, including individual nutrition packages containing products, blenders, healthy snacks and nutrition education materials including tips and heathy recipes.

The continued partnership under NFZH supports NHCOA’s health and well-being programs, which consist of training sessions focused on health priorities including prevention and risk factors of diabetes, obesity, and cancer, and also promotes heathy eating habits and physical activity.

“We’ve seen how accessible health information can motivate people to do amazing things for themselves, their families and their communities,” said Dr. Yanira Cruz, President and CEO of NHCOA. “We’re glad to work with a Company dedicated to providing food insecure Hispanic older adults with the nutrition and educated they need to improve their health and happiness.”

To achieve its mission, NHCOA has developed a Hispanic Aging Network of community-based organizations across the continental U.S., the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico that reaches millions of Latinos each year. NHCOA also works to ensure the Hispanic community is better understood and fairly represented in U.S. policies. They address health issues on multiple levels including localized health education and promotion programs, public policy advocacy informed by grassroots input and rigorous research, serving as the basis for both practice and policy.

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