House Wine Calls for Year-Long Celebration of Pride with #ShowUsYourPrideWins

House Wine, the maker of best-selling Rainbow Rosé Bubbles, announced today the launch of their #ShowUsYourPrideWins campaign. This campaign is a call to action for year-round conversations with LGBTQ+ people and allies, to openly share their stories of Pride and celebrate courage, overcoming adversity, and joy. This marks the fifth year of House Wine Rainbow Rosé Bubbles partnership with the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the nation’s largest LGBTQ+ advocacy organization. House Wine was the recent recipient of Wine Enthusiast’s Wine Star Award for Social Visionary of the Year.

As part of the campaign, House Wine commissioned a Pride Wins survey to measure American perspectives on Pride and LGBTQ+ rights. The survey found 24% of Gen Z (ages 18-25) identify as LGBTQ+, compared to 13% of Millennials (ages 26-41), 6% of Gen X (ages 42-57), and 3% of Baby Boomers (ages 58-76). Regarding support of LGBTQ+ rights:

  • 72% of Americans would welcome a friend or family member who came out to them
  • 68% said LGBTQ+ people are welcome in their house
  • 65% believe LGBTQ+ community members do not need to hide their sexual orientation

Further, celebrating Pride is very important to the LGBTQ+ community:

  • 90% of those who identify participate in Pride celebrations in some form, including 58% welcoming people to celebrate their identity, 51% attending a Pride event, 45% celebrating Pride beyond June, 44% purchasing LGBTQ+ brands, 29% engaging in activism or volunteering, and 25% donating to LGBTQ+ causes.
  • Gen Z and Millennials are more likely to participate in Pride, with 66% of Gen Z saying they celebrate Pride in some form compared to 53% of Millennials, 27% of Gen X, and 18% of Baby Boomers.

For respondents age 21+, the survey revealed:

  • Wine in a can is gaining popularity with nearly half of 21+ respondents who drink alcohol being interested in wine in a can and nearly 40% saying it helps bring the celebration with them, is good for year-round pride celebrations, and makes unbearable relatives more bearable.
  • For those who enjoy wine in a can, there was stronger support than the general population for welcoming a friend or family member who came out to them (86%), welcoming LGBTQ+ people into their house (79%), supporting LGBTQ+ rights (74%), and agreeing that people don’t need to hide their sexual orientation (79%).

“Our Pride Wins campaign celebrates progress that has been made for being accepted for our true selves, but we must recognize that discrimination is still a part of the LGBTQ+ experience,” said Brad Mayer, House Wine Vice President of Public Relations and Communications. “This is why a portion of proceeds from every can of Rainbow Rosé Bubbles goes to the Human Rights Campaign to keep fighting for LGBTQ+ equality and inclusion. At House Wine we say that everyone is welcome in our house, and we’re committed to making that a reality for all.”

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