House Wine Launches Limited-Edition Rainbow Bubbles Cans in Support of LGBTQ Equality

House Wine announced today the launch of new, Limited-Edition Rainbow Rosé Bubbles cans to celebrate and support LGBTQ equality and love in all its forms. Between May 1 and August 31, House Wine will donate $2 for every case sold of the Rainbow Rosé Bubbles cans to the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), America’s largest organization working for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer equality.

Can wine reigns as the fastest-growing packaging format in the wine category, with sales experiencing triple digit growth year after year. House Wine is one of the leaders of the 375-mL can format and it is thrilled to put its leading brand to raise awareness and funds for HRC.

“House Wine has always stood for authenticity and, as a brand, has been unapologetically bold,” said Brad Mayer, senior vice president of marketing for Precept Wine, parent company of House Wine. “Inclusion and acceptance of all kinds of love are worthy of celebration and we are thrilled to support the HRC and the LGBTQ community with our House Rainbow Cans in this special partnership.”

The HRC represents a grassroots force of more than 3 million members and supporters working every day to make LGBTQ equality a reality. This is the first time House Wine has partnered with the HRC and Evans said she hopes to continue this impactful relationship for years to come.

“We are delighted that House Wine has chosen to support LGBTQ equality through this special partnership,” said Adam Marquez, Associate Director, Corporate Development at HRC. “When well recognized and respected brands embrace positive change it is inspiring, and in this political climate, truly needed to continue our advocacy of support and tolerance. House Wine Rainbow cans symbolize acceptance of love that knows no gender, sex or racial barriers and we are proud to partner with House on this unique product.”

House Wine Rainbow cans are an extension of House’s new Rosé Bubbles, offered year-round in standard pink cans nationwide. Winemaker Hal Landvoigt describes the rosé – sourced from American grapes – as bright, fruity and flavorful, “the perfect quencher where crisp and elegant aromas of fresh berries lead to lively citrus notes on the palate.” The 375mL cans are line-priced at $5.99 per can, alongside everyday House Wine cans sold nationwide.

Consumers are encouraged to share their photos enjoying House Rainbow cans across social media using the hashtag #housewinepride. Drink with pride and drink responsibly!



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