Hulu, Kiswe Onboard To Stream Portions Of Unprecedented Global Media Initiative By Legendary Producer Tony Hollingsworth – The Listen Campaign

The Listen Campaign, along with its founder and renowned producer Tony Hollingsworth, announced the addition of Hulu and Kiswe as streaming partners. The Listen Campaign is the annual initiative that galvanizes more than 150 creative artists, brands, media and community of 35 million over a decade to help seed the world with evidence-based solutions of replicable and scalable projects to improve vulnerable and disadvantaged children’s lives.

“Powerful streaming platforms Hulu and Kiswe are instrumental to allowing a mass audience to listen to the problems faced by 1 billion vulnerable and disadvantaged children while also sharing solutions that are proven to better their lives,” said Tony Hollingsworth, founder, The Listen Campaign. “Known for their high-quality content, both are ideal partners to The Listen Campaign to help deliver the message on a global scale.” 

The Listen Campaign is an unmatched annual global campaign that combines new, traditional and social media with the star power of major celebrities and creative artists, along with the backing of some of the world’s biggest brands. The campaign includes TV features, two documentary series, promotions and a global fundraising broadcast on June 25 using a marquee live concert event featuring approximately 30 music artists and 12 film stars called “Listen Live” at the historic Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum June 20 – 22, 2022.  

ABC will broadcast the global fundraising event from 8 – 11 pm on June 25 along with other broadcasters around the world.  Hulu will stream all of the campaign which feature approximately 30 programs, including 17 Episodes of Listening To Our Children, 10 Episodes of From The Listen Studio, 1 Episode of the long form documentary Why Listen and Listen Live Plus – Part 1 and Part 2.

Kiswe, connecting viewers with live events through personalized, interactive video, will stream a global pay-per-view special on the final night entitled “Listen Live Plus” as it contains the live Los Angeles Coliseum event and a great deal more. The Kiswe pay-per-view stream will allow viewers to switch between what is happening on stage at the Los Angeles Coliseum, backstage and in the audience. Plus –  viewers can switch to concert events staged in the previous two weeks in Dehli, Dubai, Johannesburg and Mexico City. Viewers will have a ticket for 24 hours. 

“We are honored to partner with The Listen Campaign to transform the lives of disadvantaged children around the world,” said Mike Schabel, President and CEO of Kiswe. “We believe that creating a live experience that brings Listen Live to a global audience, and the global audience to Listen Live, interactively through “Listen Live Plus”, will create a profound opportunity to acknowledge the live contributions of generous donors during this campaign. There could really be no better cause to support with our interactive technology.”

The Listen Campaign is designed to build a global online community of active users, tapping into 19 different ways to participate – only one of which is direct financial donations, including the creation of original content, recruiting, sharing, voting and other promotions.  The campaign hopes to raise $100 million donations in year one and has identified 75 projects that are proven to address the needs of vulnerable children and can be replicated or scaled. 

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