Huntington Bank Launch Looking Out For Each Other Campaign

Huntington Bank has launched a new integrated brand campaign based around the concept of “Looking Out For Each Other,” a purpose driven mission that that’s designed to improve the world we live in and demonstrate that in today’s world even a small gesture can have a huge impact. More than technology or trends, just being there in big and small ways is really the one thing that can truly change everything.

Created in partnership with agency of record Arnold Worldwide, this idea is part of Huntington’s DNA and today they’re focused on the common ground they share with their current and future customers: the desire to make the world a better place – welcoming for all, and no matter how hectic as the world gets a recognition that we’re all in this together. 

“Looking Out For Each Other” launches with a 60-second brand anthem spot featuring a woman leaving a store having purchased the latest piece of technology. As she dances down the street, unaware of her surroundings, listening to music and celebrating her new purchase we see the line of people waiting for their turn in the background. As she gets to the end of the sidewalk and is about to cross the road she is snapped back to reality by a passer-by who pulls her back from being hit by a car. She pauses and reflects on the moment that’s just happened, appreciating the real things that matter in a new way. As she rounds the corner, the same line extending into the distance, the focus is now on the people in the line and we see moments being shared: one man passes a baby’s toy back to the baby’s mother, a couple connecting with heads together, another person handing napkins to someone with coffee. We pass a Huntington branch and see that a couple of colleagues are bringing out fresh coffees and chairs for people in line to sit on. We move further down the line and see people greeting each other with a hug and a guy playing the guitar to a group of spectators.

A narrator punctuates the scene, “It’s not a phone. It’s not a watch or a tablet. It’s the idea of “Looking Out For Each Other.” That even just a small gesture, can have a huge impact. It’s the one thing, that can truly change…everything.”

The campaign will be supported with a 30-second TV ad as well as 15-second online videos across social media, and out-of-home, radio and digital ads.

Following on from this wave of activity will be a second, product-based campaign that demonstrates products that are built around Huntington’s mission to “Look Out for Each Other” and adds context and additional meaning to the brand campaign.

Julie Tutkovics, Executive Vice President, Chief Communications and Marketing Officer, Huntington Banksays: “The “Looking Out For Each Other” message connects back to Huntington Bank’s aspiration to be a purpose-driven organization. We have such an opportunity at this moment in time to bring that to life. P.W. Huntington started this organization 152 years ago with that in mind, and to be able to bring it to life today, in a way that connects to who we are every day, is truly extraordinary.”


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