SCNF Réseau Railway Risks Awareness Campaign “2:38 A.M.”, Don’t Become Someone Else’s Nightmare

“Unauthorized” trespassing onto rail lines is one of the major causes of death throughout the railway network.

Together with TBWA\Paris, SNCF Réseau is launching a new youth educational campaign on the risks related to trespassing on train tracks.

The goal is to raise awareness among high schoolers and curb dangerous behavior.

A virtual reality film takes us into a nightmare, one that relives the witnessing of a railway accident night after night, at the exact same time. The film’s immersive format and aesthetic treatment that harks back to science fiction/thriller films, allow it to deliver the impactful message: “Don’t become somebody’s nightmare”.

The SNCF group is especially invested in prevention for young people through its network of stakeholders in schools. SNCF Réseau wants to use this efficient structure to launch this new railway risk prevention campaign aimed at high schoolers. It will be supported by a national tour of French high schools. A truck decorated as the set of the main character’s bedroom will greet high schoolers. There, they will be able to watch the film with a virtual reality headset. SNCF agents will also be on board to deliver an additional educational prevention message.

The film, produced by TBWA\Else, can be seen on the website and is rounded out by digital educational content: interviews and witness accounts.

Beginning March 12, an innovative website that uses WebGL technology and a cutting-edge 3D environment to support virtual reality directly from its browser will allow viewers to live the experience online, from a computer or with a smartphone and a virtual reality headset.

It took two months of R&D to match the results that until now, could only be provided by professional headsets (Oculus and HTC Vive), making access to virtual reality now available to a wider audience.


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