Ibstock promotes Biodiversity with new EcoHabitat range

Ibstock, the UK’s leading brick manufacturer, has unveiled its EcoHabitat range, a suite of products designed to help promote biodiversity in both new-build developments and RMI.

The range, which spans Ibstock’s Clay and Concrete offerings, has been specially designed to be as unobtrusive and easy-to-install as possible, requiring no additional training or equipment. The whole range of products help to protect and support critical wildlife while maintaining the integrity and aesthetic appeal of our homes so homeowners and wildlife can coexist safely.

The range is spearheaded by five key products: Bee Bricks, Hedgehog Gravel Boards, Bat Boxes, Swift Boxes and Sparrow and Starling boxes These products are specifically chosen to meet a need in each area, where available habitats are in decline and species need our support to survive.

More than 240 species of bees in the UK are solitary and do not live in colonies, making them vulnerable to the country’s notoriously changeable weather. Ibstock’s Bee Bricks provide a safe home for these pollinators, with holes in the face that replicate a bee’s natural habitat. Made in either clay or cast stone facings and sealed at the back face, Ibstock Bee Bricks keep the wall cavity sealed and are highly durable, lasting for the life of the wall. 

The Hedgehog Gravel Boards have a cut hole as part of the design, which means hedgehogs are able to safety roam through gardens and in addition, they also protect fence panels from rotting. 

Bat and Swift Boxes are available in a choice of concrete and clay styles, and a variety of colours to suit the build. The boxes recreate the natural nesting environment of the animals and fit with standard masonry for an unobtrusive and maintenance free feature. Nesting boxes are also available for the UK’s dwindling sparrow and starling populations, encouraging biodiversity in urban areas. Highly durable and built directly into the facade Ibstock Bat and Bird boxes will last the life of the wall, and keep the cavity sealed.

Sparrow and Starling boxes help bolster the UK’s sparrow population and provide them with a place of safety and comfort. Ibstock has developed a nesting solution with a front plate cut from Ibstock’s Fireborn bricks, the hollow middle and solid back creates a safe environment for sparrows.

Richard Brown, Marketing Director at Ibstock, said: “Biodiversity is an important part of our focus on sustainability.  Tackling habitat loss and providing safe spaces for wildlife is vital and we are seeing increasing demand for products that address these issues.  Our range of EcoHabitats provide durable, attractive and easy to install solutions suitable for a wide range of wildlife and come in an extensive array of styles and finishes to ensure they meet the needs of our customers, whatever type of development they are building.”

Find out more about Ibstock EcoHabitat here: https://www.ibstockbrick.co.uk/ecohabitat-products/

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